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A stainless steel sink is the heart of most kitchens. It’s where you wash your dishes, scrub the dirt off of raw vegetables and serve up food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Keeping it clean is only half the battle, though; with time, soap scum can build upon its shiny surfaces and turn into an ugly mess that’s difficult to remove. The best way to restore a stainless steel sink’s luster? Paint it.

A quick coat of kitchen sink paint will not only make a stainless steel sink look good as new, but it can also prolong the life of your sink and prevent rust from forming on the metal surface. Plus, you’ll have less scrubbing, scraping, and elbow grease to do.

Steps To Paint Your Stainless Steel Sink:

Clean the sink

Start by thoroughly cleaning the sink with soap and water, removing all dust, dirt, or mildew. You may need to use a wire brush if there are stains on the surface of your sink. Be sure to rinse off any debris with clean water once you are done.

Sand the sink

Using 120-grit sandpaper, give the area to be painted a light sanding to form a rough surface so that paint has something to stick to. At this point, you should also patch up any dents or scratches in the metal with car body filler or another automotive putty available at your local hardware store.

Prep the area around the sink

Before you paint, be sure to mask off any areas around your sink that you don’t want to be covered in paint. Use a good-quality blue painter’s tape and make sure it’s stuck to all sides of the sink thoroughly so that it won’t pull off any fresh paint. For a paint job that’s as close to professional as possible, you should also mask off the rest of your kitchen by taping a large sheet of craft paper around the area where the sink is located.

Prime the surface

Once all your prep work is done, prime the sink with a rust-resistant metal primer paint or automotive primer spray. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly, then give it a second coat sink.

Paint your sink

At this point, you can use oil-based or latex paint for stainless steel surface, depending on which type of look you’re going for. Oil-based paints are durable and long-lasting, while latex tends to be easier to clean and resistant to staining or water damage.

You can use a brush, roller, or stainless steel paint spray if you’re painting a stainless steel sink by hand, but consider investing in an electric paint spray gun for the best results. 

You’ll have more even coverage that looks professionally done in half the time. Plus, using a spray gun allows you to paint your sink without having to reach past the masking tape and paper you put up, which means less mess.

Reinstall the faucet and accessories

Once the paint has dried completely, reattach all of your faucets and accessories and turn on the water for a trial run. If there are any leaks, you should wipe them dry and recaulk around them before turning on the faucets.

Clean up and touch up after yourself

Once everything is back in place, it’s time to clean up your paint supplies and dispose of all debris properly. Wipe down any excess residue from the sink itself. Then you can wash away any stray drips of paint on the surrounding cabinets and walls with a damp cloth.

If there are any areas where you’ve gotten too much paint, all you have to do is let it dry and sand it down with some fine-grit sandpaper or steel wool before repainting.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your clean sink

You deserve a break after all that work. Now that your stainless steel sink is looking just as good as new, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the rest of your day!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove paint from sink?

You can use mineral spirits, paint thinner, or kerosene to remove excess dried paint on your sink. Apply the solution with a rag and wait for it to penetrate the sink surface before scrubbing away any residues that lift off. Repeat if necessary until all of the paint is gone, then wash down with soap and water before using your sink.

Can I spray paint my faucet?

Yes, you can spray paint sink faucets or other accessories. Use a high-quality primer and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results. Remember to unplug all of your fixtures before priming and painting them so that you don’t get stray wet paint pieces on electrical components.

How to refinish a kitchen sink?

You can kitchen sink refinish sink by sanding down the entire surface and applying a new coat of high-gloss paint with an exterior enamel. If you want to make your sink look even more like new, you can also use a metal primer before painting stainless steel look paint over it. Now after learning this can you spray paint a faucet.

How to remove paint from stainless steel appliances?

To remove paint from stainless steel appliances, you should use an off-the-shelf oven cleaner to loosen up the dried paint. Scrape away any pink appliance paint residues with a plastic putty knife and then rub down the surface with a cotton ball soaked in mineral spirits or paint thinner. 

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Metal sink paint is an economical way of turning old metal sinks into whatever color you may desire. Paint steel kitchen sinks with metal colour paint for a durable finish that does not chip like latex paints.

The aluminum kitchen sink has become very popular in recent years because it is an inexpensive metal surface to work on.   The paint remains durable and requires no specific paint preparation before painting.    However, paint steel kitchen sinks with steel colour paint to achieve that special color. With paint, steel sinks, the paint adheres better than surfaces, making it durable and long lasting.

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