How To Hang Tapestry On Ceiling

How To Hang Tapestry On Ceiling

A ceiling tapestry is a fabric with designs woven into it, usually of historic or narrative nature. Because of the weight and size involved, hanging a tapestry on ceiling can seem like an intimidating task. Are you having trouble figuring out how to hang tapestry on ceiling? However, if you have the right tools and take care to do it correctly, it’s not hard at all. Here is the best way to hang a tapestry in your room. Keep reading.

Below is a list of materials you will need for hanging tapestry on ceiling successfully. You can purchase these items from a home improvement or hardware store for hanging a tapestry.

1) Tapestry

 2) Nails

3) Hammer

4) Measuring tape

5) Stud finder

6) Pencil

7) Level

8) Drill and drill bits

9) Screws

10) Wire or rope

Rope and wire

A step by step guide on how to hang up a tapestry on the ceiling

If you are contemplating ceiling tapestry ideas and how to hang ceiling tapestry, follow these steps. Refer to the list above if you don’t have anything listed or need to replace something. 

Determine where to hang your tapestry

Decide how high you want to hang your tapestry on the ceiling. Measure up from the floor to this height, marking the spot with a pencil. This mark will be used as a placement for nails or hooks. 

Find ceiling joists

A stud finder is not required because your hanging materials will go directly into the ceiling joists. Mark each ceiling joist along an imaginary line running across your desired location using a level and pencil to draw both “V” shapes formed at each end of a beam onto your wall. If no lines are visible, use a level to draw horizontal lines that intersect with the “V” shaped marks. 

Use the measuring tape to measure the tapestry

Measure your giant ceiling tapestry from top to bottom and right to left. Write these measurements down on a piece of paper as they will be needed for reference during the installation of tapestry on ceiling and wall.

Insert nails or wire into ceiling joists; hang tapestry

A hammer and nails are needed to attach the rope or wire to the tapestry ceiling hanging. Take off one nail at a time and first insert it halfway through the first hole of your chosen hanging material (nails, rope, wire). 

Then, place the head of the nail into one of the “V” shapes on your mark along its respective joist. Repeat this step until you have nailed all four corners of your hanging material onto each joist. The tapestry for ceiling should now be hanging on your head.

There is no need to fret about what to do with a tapestry. Your tapestry will not fall off its nails or wire if you tie a knot at the end of each line attached to a nail or hook on the other side. 

Verify alignment and adjust placement as required

The level will help you see if your hanging materials are even with one another and positioned correctly along the ceiling joists. If both sides are not even or resting on different joists, make adjustments as follows: 

If your left side is too low, .move your right side up to meet it. This means you should move down the vertical string/nail/hook attached to your left side by an equal distance to meet your left side. 

If your right side is too low, move your left side up to meet it. You should move the string/nail/hook from the right side up and down, by the same amount, to meet the right side. Your hanging materials should now be level with one another.

If both sides are too high, move both sides down together by moving the horizontal string/wire/rope on either end of their respective joist in either direction along said joist, making sure they’re still supporting your tapestry, and its design is straight and centered when they meet each other in the middle. 

Hang and enjoy 

Congratulations, you have successfully hung a tapestry on your ceiling. Now sit back and enjoy your cool ceiling tapestry as the focal point of your room.

Remove hanging materials from joists to avoid damage

If you’re going to remove your hanging material from the ceiling at a later date, remember first to remove all nails or wire from each joist. Nails left in place can puncture a new surface or tug at a support beam, compromising the structure and placing your home at risk of collapse. Once removed from the ceiling, store them where they won’t be able to puncture anything else.

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In Summation

It’s time to stop settling for a ceiling that just “is what it is.” You deserve a tapestry on ceiling over bed than an ordinary, boring room. With this guide and the steps listed above, you can hang a tapestry on your ceiling with minimal effort. All of these instructions are straightforward and don’t require expensive tools or complicated measurements. 

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