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The perfect toilet quiet flush is hard to find. It’s even harder to find one that works well and lasts for years without needing replacement parts or repair work. We found some of the best quiet flush toilet on Amazon, reviewed them thoroughly, and wrote an article about our findings so you can make the right choice if you’re looking for  super flushing toilets yourself.

Toilets are very noisy, and people with young children or babies often struggle to use them at night without waking up. 

If you’ve ever had the misfortune of using a loud toilet, then you know how frustrating it is. The constant flush noise keeps you awake, making it hard to fall asleep even after an exhausting day. It’s not just annoying; it’s also unhealthy for both adults and kids alike. 

Top Five Best Quiet Flush Toilets

Woodbridge T-0019 White Toilet

Woodbridge T-0019 White Toilet Best Values

Brand: Porcelain
Color: Cotton White
Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One Piece Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One Piece Toilet

Material: Ceramic
Color: Glossy White
Kohler Comfort Height Toilet

Kohler Comfort Height Toilet Best Values

Material: Vitreous China
Color: White
TOTO Ultramax One Piece Toilet

TOTO Ultramax One Piece Toilet

Material: Porcelain
Color: Cotton
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Woodbridge T-0019 White Toilet – Top Selling Best Quiet Flush Toilet

WOODBRIDGE Cotton White T-0019 Toilet


ColorCotton White
Dimensions31 x 18 x 28 inches

Woodbridge T-0019 White Toilet is a one-piece toilet that offers its users a luxurious, modern design. It has easy to clean features, and it’s also very safe to use. This product can be easily installed by anyone who knows plumbing and toilets with strong flush, so if you are looking for a new quick flush toilet or your old one broke down, don’t hesitate to get it. 

These turbo flush toilets are ideal for any home that needs a reliable and durable toilet that will not break the bank. It features a concealed trap-way and no bends or corners. The fully glazed flush system gives it a super silent toilet flush, while the water-saving flushing technology means you can save on your water bill too.

Woodbridge T-0019 Lowes Comfort height toilet is designed to be used by people who have difficulty sitting on lower toilet seats. The extra-high seat allows for a more natural sitting position, making it easier to use these strong flushing toilets.  It has an elongated bowl design which makes it perfect for individuals with mobility issues or disabilities.

Woodbridge T-0019 White Toilet
Woodbridge T-0019 White Toilet
  • It has a sleek and modern design. 
  • It’s easy to clean. 
  • No more worrying about the water bill
  • Never be embarrassed by a clogged drain again.
  • The material used is not long-lasting enough. 

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One Piece Toilet

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-1T254 St. Tropez One Piece Toilet, 26.6 x 15 x 31 inches, Glossy White


BrandSwiss Madison Well Made Forever
ColorGlossy White
Dimensions26.6 x 15 x 31 inches

The SM-1T254 is a one-piece toilet that features an elongated bowl, comfort height and comes with a soft close seat. This toilet has been designed to be used in luxury homes or commercial applications. The SM-1T254 is part of the Swiss Madison collection which offers stylish designs for every room in your home.

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One Piece Toilet is a great way to get the clean look of a one-piece toilet. The trap way is fully enclosed, which makes it extremely easy to clean as well as being quietest toilet when flushing. There are also special holes in the tank that help prevent clogs from occurring in the first place.

The Swiss Madison SM-1T254 one-piece toilet is a high-quality product that comes at a great price. This toilet can be used in any home and has all the qualities of an expensive model. The installation process is simple and easy to follow, and this unit also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One Piece Toilet
Swiss Madison SM-1T254 One Piece Toilet
  • It’s a durable toilet that won’t break the bank. 
  • Features a concealed trap way and no bends or corners. 
  • It offers A super flush toilet quiet operations.
  • Special holes in the tank help prevent clogs.
  • It takes the expert to install the toilet. 

Kohler Comfort Height Toilet

Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height Two-piece Elongated 1.28 Gpf Toilet with Class Five Flushing Technology And Left-hand Trip Lever, Seat Not Included, White
Best Quiet Flush Toilet


MaterialVitreous China
Dimensions29.5 x 8 x 31.25 Inches

The Kohler Comfort Height toilet is the perfect solution to your needs. The taller height offers comfort and ease of use for all ages, while the Dual-Flush gives you options for one or two quick flushes. This model also includes a slow closing seat, giving you peace of mind that it won’t slam down on little fingers.

Kohler quiet flush toilets are elongated, which means they have a wider seat and elongated bowl that allows for easier use. The bowl is also slightly higher than standard quiet toilets to allow for a more comfortable sitting position. The toilet features the Sana Gloss surface, which resists stains and cleans easily with water alone. 

The Kohler K-3923-0 is a class five(R) toilet that offers tremendous bulk waste in one flush. The EPA flushing guidelines are met by the Kohler K-3923-0, which uses 1.6 gallons per flush. The flush valve is located at the base of the tank to prevent leaks from seeping through the floor during flushing. 

Kohler Comfort Height Toilet
Kohler Comfort Height Toilet
  • Taller height offers comfort and ease of use for all ages. 
  • Dual flush gives you options for one or two quick flushes.
  • The slow closing seat provides peace of mind.
  • A sleek design that will make your bathroom look awesome.
  • The ring and installation parts are not included in the package.

American Standard  Elongated One-Piece Toilet – Pocket Friendly Best Quiet Flush Toilet

American Standard 2004314.020 Champion 4 Elongated One-Piece 1.6 GPF with Toilet Seat, Normal Height, White
Best Quiet Flush Toilet


BrandAmerican Standard
MaterialVitreous China
Dimensions17.75 x 29.75 x 28.5 inches

The American Standard Champion 4 is the perfect one-piece toilet for your bathroom. The Champion 4 features a fully glazed trap way, which provides excellent flush performance with little to no clogging. The Champion 4 also includes an EverClean surface that inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, keeping it cleaner for longer. 

A slow close seat and cover of this quiet toilet flush system provide quiet operation and a comfortable experience every time you use the toilet.  The American Standard Champion 4 is a one-piece toilet that uses 1.6 gallons per flush, making it the most efficient toilet on the market today. The Champion 4 also has an elongated bowl with a Sana Gloss glaze finish that helps prevent stains and keep your bathroom looking clean.

The American Standard Champion 4 is the ideal toilet for your home. The Champion 4 features an elongated siphon action jetted bowl and a 12-inch rough-in that offers comfort and convenience. Its high-profile design provides added comfort and styling. Its one of the powerful flushing toilets.

American Standard  Elongated One-Piece Toilet
American Standard  Elongated One-Piece Toilet
  • The Champion 4 is a sturdy toilet that will not break down.
  • Less noise and less water used.
  • You’ll never have to worry about clogs again.
  • Sleek design for a cleaner look. 
  • The flushing is too high to get wet. 

TOTO Ultramax One Piece Toilet

TOTO MS854114SL#01 Ultramax ADA One Piece Toilet, Cotton White
Best Quiet Flush Toilet


Dimensions32 x 20 x 17 inches

TOTO’s Ultramax One Piece Toilet is designed to provide you with a high-performing flushing system. With the G-Max Flushing System, the bowl will always be clean and ready for use. The Ultramax also has an elongated bowl that provides more room for comfort while still conserving water usage. 

It features a 3-inch flush valve that can save water and a 2-1/8-inch computer-designed trap way to minimize clogs. The toilet has an elongated bowl design that allows for more comfort while sitting on the toilet. The Ultramax One Piece Toilet also has a wide trap way that makes flushing easier, especially when dealing with larger solid waste items.

TOTO quiet flush toilet features a wide, one-piece design that provides a maximum surface area for water to cover the user’s waste and a powerful flush that leaves no waste behind. The Ultramax One Piece Toilet also features an EverClean Surface that prevents bacteria from building upon its surface. 

TOTO Ultramax One Piece Toilet
TOTO Ultramax One Piece Toilet
  • Your toilet will always be clean and ready for use.
  • You’ll save water with the Ultramax’s elongated bowl. 
  • Trapway minimizes clogs and makes flushing easier. 
  • The flush valve saves water.
  • It doesn’t offer the pressure to clean the back of the toilet. 

What To Consider When Buying Best Quiet Flush Toilet

When looking for a new toilet, there are some things you will need to consider before making the final purchase. These considerations include your lifestyle and bathroom space requirements. The things to consider will help you identify which style of toilet will best suit your needs.


There are three major styles of toilets that you will want to consider in your search for the right toilet. You can choose from a pressure-assisted or jet action, gravity-fed, and siphon.

The pressure-assisted toilet uses compressed air to produce energy to create an effective flush. This style of toilet is a good choice for individuals who want a little more power behind their flush. The pressure-assisted toilet runs at a higher price point than the other styles, but it also uses less water and operates very quietly.

Another style of toilet that you will need to decide between is the gravity-fed option. This type of model works by using water pressure to flush the toilet. It is a more affordable option for those who are looking to spend less on their toilet purchase. The bad part of choosing this style of toilet is that it can be harder to maintain because you need to make sure the tank does not become overfilled with water.

The siphon model operates by sending wastewater into a holding tank using force from the bowl’s rim. The waste is then pulled down below, and the rinse cycle begins again. This style of toilet is also an affordable option, but it can be noisy when flushed.


You will need to take measurements before choosing a new toilet after you have decided on which style you would prefer. The three measurements you will need to take include the height, width, and depth of your space. You want to get a toilet that fits well within your bathroom space, so it does not get in the way when you are trying to use the facilities.

Every standard-sized toilet is about 17-1/2 inches tall. The majority of toilets are about 28 inches wide and about 15 inches deep. If you are operating on a tight space budget, then you may want to opt for a smaller version of each measurement size.

Flushing system:

Another aspect that you will need to consider when looking for the right toilet is how it operates. The standard model of toilets uses gravity to remove waste from the bowl, while pressure-assisted models use pressurized air to remove waste. Toilets with these systems are more expensive than traditional units because they have additional features.

You also need to consider how the toilet flushes. There are two main choices when it comes to this aspect: pressure-assisted and gravity-fed toilets.

The technology used for pressure-assisted toilets is compressed air, while the system that is used in gravity-fed models is water pressure. Pressure-assisted toilets are generally more efficient at removing waste from your toilet bowl, while gravity-fed units are quieter and more affordable.

When it comes to choosing the Best Quiet Flush Toilet, you will need to consider what features matter most to you when using your toilet. Once that is decided, then you will be able to choose a style that works for your bathroom space and needs. 

You can then determine which flushing system is most beneficial for your home. Since this is an important decision, it is smart to do some research before you make the final purchase of your toilet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get a quiet flushing toilet?

Yes, there are quiet flushing toilets that work just as well as normal models, but they tend to be more expensive overall.

Why is my toilet so noisy when flushed?

The reason that your toilet is noisy when flushed may be due to the type of flushing system that you have. Some styles can cause more noise than others, but they are just as efficient at getting rid of waste in the bowl.

Are pressure-assisted toilets loud?

Pressure-assisted toilets are generally noisier than gravity-fed models. This is because they are using compressed air technology to flush out waste from your toilet bowl.


Silent flush toilets are available for purchase, but they tend to be more expensive than traditional units. You will need to decide which is quietest flushing toilet system works best for your needs. 

Once you have decided on the style of toilet that you would prefer and the most beneficial flushing system, you will have the knowledge needed to find best quiet toilets. We have also given the top five quiet flush toilets reviews to help you select the best one for your needs.

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